Compassionate Attorney for Workplace Injury Cases in Loris, SC

Workplace accidents happen every day in Loris, Conway and Myrtle Beach, and you deserve compensation for obtaining them while at work. These injuries can happen in different ways. Performing dangerous tasks, poorly maintained property and repetitive motion injuries all count as injuries that you can file a claim for with the help of the work injury lawyers at Josephs Law firm. The amount of compensation depends on your job and the injury that has occurred as well as the skill of the workplace injury attorney; however, the maximum weekly compensation rate is $766.05.

Our Lawyers Help With a Variety of Industry Accidents

Our workplace accident attorney is familiar with injuries that occur in a number of professions. Some professions are more susceptible to work injuries than others. These include:
  • Steel workers
  • Manufacturing
  • Electricians
  • Farm workers
  • Drivers
  • Roofers
  • Office employees
  • Warehouse
Workplace accidents — Josephs Law Firm in Loris, SC
Our work injury attorney knows that employees such as office workers suffer from repetitive stress injuries as often as roofers and steel workers are injured from working from high buildings and with heavy machinery. No matter your job or injury, a lawyer from Josephs Law Firm can help.

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A workplace accident claim deserves the attention of a qualified and professional work injury lawyer. We offer a free consultation, and our workplace accident lawyer can come to you if you can’t come to us. We’ll send a work accident attorney to the hospital or your home, if you require it. Our firm is licensed to handle all personal injury cases in South Carolina, so call an on-the-job injury lawyer at 834-756-7464 to see if our pedestrian accident attorney might be able to assist you with your case in Loris, Conway or Myrtle Beach. Don’t stress about upfront costs. We only get paid if we take your claim and you win. No recovery, no fee, on all injury claims.