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Verdicts & Settlements

A man fell off of a building while working. Josephs Law Firm recovered an award of $1,501,850. The injured worker was given a weekly compensation check to reimburse his gas and pay all his bills while he received treatment. We also got him lifetime medical care as well as handicap accessories for his home and van.

Lack of brake lights on a trailer led to a crash. Josephs Law Firm was awarded a $300,000 verdict. The insurance company only offered $20,000.

A commercial van T-boned our client. Josephs Law Firm recovered a mediation award of $750,000.

A commercial insurance carrier denied the client’s claim. Josephs Law Firm sued and recovered a mediation award for $300,000 for one client and $85,000 for a relative also in the wreck with her. The carrier also gave a sincere apology for denying the claim.

A husband and wife were in a North Carolina wreck. Both recovered a combined $600,000 due to their injuries, and the pain and suffering they experienced.

An 80-year-old grandmother was in a car wreck in South Carolina. The insurance carrier didn’t want to pay, claiming her injuries were actually a degenerative disease caused by old age. Josephs Law Firm took the case and was awarded a $550,000 settlement.